Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Introduces Side Mount Packaged Refrigeration System

Stone Mountain, GA (February 6, 2008) – Heatcraft Refrigeration Products (HRP) is proud to announce the expansion of its PRO3 Packaged Refrigeration System product family to include the Side Mount Packaged Refrigeration System. These units combine a condensing unit and evaporator into one easy-to-install commercial refrigeration solution.

“This is a natural addition to our Packaged System family,” states Subodh Sharma, Global Segment Leader. “With the introduction of this unit, the line now features both the PRO3 Top Mount and the PRO3 Side Mount Packaged Refrigeration products. These products complement each other very well, allowing a Packaged System to be used in almost any small- to medium-sized walk-in applications.”

PRO3 Side Mount Packaged Refrigeration Systems have many advantages over standard split systems. The system is completely assembled, wired, evacuated, charged and run-tested at the factory and, as a result, can be installed in two hours (a 75% improvement over a typical split system). Additionally, the refrigerant charge in a side mount packaged refrigeration system is only 36 - 40 ounces or 10 - 15% of the charge found in a typical split system. This means the product can save significant installation costs and is much more environmentally friendly.

The PRO3 Side Mount is optimized for outdoor applications, featuring a crank-case heater, heated drain line and fan cycling on all units. The design of this unit provides a much higher airflow and pull-down capacity than found in traditional packaged systems, making it available for a broader range of applications. The PRO3 Top Mount is still likely to be the most appropriate Packaged System that maximizes storage space for indoor, temperature-holding applications.

The PRO3 Side Mount is available in high temperature with air defrost, medium temperature with electric defrost and low temperature with electric defrost. All units are charged with R-404A refrigerant and feature PSC motors standard on both the condensing unit and evaporator sections, with EC motors as an option on the evaporator section to meet certain energy regulations.

About Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, LLC

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