The 3/4 through 22 HP water-cooled condensing unit product line features Semi-Hermetic compressors. These condensing units are “vessel-mounted” indoor water-cooled condensing units complete with a shell and tube condenser. The cleanable condenser is perfect for applications where air-cooled condensers would not be practical and/or areas where water is readily available. These units provide an economical, compact alternative to traditional air-cooled condensing units.

  • ETL EL 508A


0.75 - 22 HP Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

  • Component location and unit size designed for easy field replacements or new installations where space is limited.
  • Extra space inside the electrical box for easy service and installation of additional components.
  • Water-regulating valve for improved head-pressure control.
  • Easy access to electrical panel for service diagnostics and options.
  • Color-coded wire harnesses for easy identification.
  • Additional shut off valve mounted in the discharge line of the compressor for quick and easy isolation of the compressor for service.
  • Schrader® valves allow for faster and easier compressor change if ever needed.
  • Piping laid out to reduce stress and vibration for quieter operation.
  • Easy-to-verify leak-free unit by checking for the nitrogen holding charge with the Schrader® valve on the discharge or suction service valve.
  • Automatic reset, high-pressure control and adjustable low-pressure control with flexible refrigerant hose to reduce possibility for leaks.
  • Helix tube standard with refrigerant counter flow for increased condensing unit efficiency.
  • Vacuum tested for a clean, dry and leak-free unit.
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  • Walk-in coolers