Thin Profile Electric Defrost

Heatcraft Thin Profile Electric Defrost Unit Coolers are low temperature unit coolers. Mounted on the top of a refrigerator, the efficient, compact cabinet design makes it possible to utilize the entire top shelf area for storage. Having a normal operating range of 15°F to -20°F, this unit is ideally suited for applications such as commercial freezers, ice cream boxes and bakery freezers.

  • NSF
  • UL Listed EPH
  • UL Listed US & Canada


Thin Profile Electric Defrost Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

  • Electric defrost ensures positive heat source.
  • Automated built-in fan delay chills coil before returning to normal cooling cycle.
  • Excessive defrost eliminated by defrost termination on coil temperature.
  • Easy access with knockouts provided on sides for electrical connections and rear opening for coil connections.
  • Plate-type aluminum fins with full collars on expanded copper tubes.
  • Improved performance as coils are dehydrated and sealed.
  • Low maintenance: Motors are thermally protected and permanently lubricated.
  • Worry-free design with sweat inlet connection standard to reduce leaks (flare connection available as a ship loose option).
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  • Commercial freezers
  • Ice cream boxes and bakery freezers