Remote Refrigeration Control

The Remote Refrigeration Control, perfect for both foodservice and cold storage applications, is a web based remote monitoring and control service offering that provides instant access 24/7 to real time refrigeration system status and information. Heatcraft is proud to offer the most advanced commercial refrigeration system monitoring package available in the industry. The Remote Refrigeration Control is compatible with both the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System and the Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System.

Features and Benefits

Securely Manage Your Beacon II Refrigeration Systems From Any Web Enabled Device 24/7
  • Monitor and control the Beacon II refrigeration system(s) at one or more sites through a single website
  • Secure login with multiple user level profiles and access rights
Improve System Efficiency & Reliability
  • Real-time system information and advanced reporting/graphing capabilities provide you the tools necessary to keep your system running at peak performance
Increase Product Integrity & Service Call Effectiveness
  • System Alarm Alerts sent 24/7 via e-mail or SMS text message notify you promptly of refrigeration system alarm conditions
  • Remote troubleshooting capability improves first call resolution by providing refrigeration system data to the user
Strengthen Food Safety Compliance Programs
  • Data-logging, advanced reporting capabilities, and alarm notification capabilities help comply with FDA and USDA HACCP food safety requirements
A Service Package That Meets Your Needs
  • Collect and display 40+ datapoints from your Beacon II refrigeration system in real-time


For more information, please contact your local Sales Representative or Account Engineer.
RRC normally connects to all DHCP IP internet connections. If your site is Static IP, Mohave, or is highly secure, IT personnel may be required to be on site.

  • ETL EL 508A