Heatcraft Large Unit Coolers have a long air throw, well suited for large warehouse and industrial applications. They are available with air, electric or hot gas defrost. Service and maintenance are improved via hinged access panels and a hinged drain pan.

  • UL Listed US & Canada


Large Unit Cooler Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

General Features
  • Attractive and structurally sound design.
  • Thermo-Flex (with five-year limited warranty) for fewer leaks and less refrigerant loss.
  • Schrader fitting for easier suction temperature measurement.
  • Hinged drain pan and access panels for easy servicing.
  • Adjustable and customizable defrost controls.
  • Long air throw for warehouse/industrial applications.
  • Standardized terminal board for easier field wiring.
  • Easy installation and service.
  • Quick reference QR code for fast product documentation.
Additional Features - Models Meeting Minimum AWEF
  • Fully enclosed, dual-speed EC motor.
  • 850 RPM lower noise motor.
  • Balance heater load for electric defrost.
  • Air defrost terminal block.
  • Low temperature motors for blast cooling and freezing applications.
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  • Warehouses
  • Large cold rooms
  • Process cooling
  • Industrial applications