½ to 6 HP air-cooled condensing units, with Copeland Hermetic reciprocating or Scroll compressors, and LG scroll compressors, are designed for flexibility and serviceability. We offer units for medium or low temperature applications with either pre-configured option packages or custom configurations for specific applications. Piping connections are externally mounted, and cabinets are removable for easy access to service components. Our designs are energy efficient and approved for use with multiple refrigerants. Units can be configured to meet minimum AWEF, Title 24 or other regulations.

  • UL Listed US & Canada


0.5 - 6 HP Horizontal Air Discharge Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

Cabinet and Construction
  • Microchannel-coil technology standard on all units.
  • Painted steel cabinets for increased strength and corrosion protection.
  • Heavy duty, steel, 1-1/2” tall base.
  • Suction-service valves compressors located outside cabinet for quick installation.
  • Receiver with fusible plug, liquid shutoff valve and charging port standard in all models.
  • Large electrical panel for easy access.
  • Prefab wiring harnesses for tight crimp connections and consistent labeling.
  • Unit stays on when hood is removed for servicing.
  • Sight glass easily viewable.
  • Completely leak-tested in helium, bump-tested and allowed to cycle off on the high- and low-pressure control.
  • Each unit has a copy of the run data shipped inside the electrical panel.
  • Piping laid out to reduce stress and vibration and pre-bent to help eliminate leaks.
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  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Process cooling