The 1/2 through 6 HP water-cooled condensing unit product line features Copeland Hermetic and Scroll® compressors. These condensing units’ component selection, location, base and unit dimensions are engineered for easy field replacement or installation in new applications where space is limited. The electrical box is designed with extra space for easier servicing. The area is large enough to accommodate circuit breakers, compressor contactors, time clocks and all start components in one enclosure. Standard features include compressor isolation valves that enable service technicians to isolate the compressor for service and an oversized receiver which provides total refrigerant pump down. These products are ideal for units requiring long runs.

  • UL Listed US & Canada


0.5 - 6 HP Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

  • Component location and unit size designed for easy field replacements or new installations where space is limited.
  • Extra space inside the electrical box for easy service and installation of additional components.
  • Water-regulating valve for improved head-pressure control.
  • Easy access to electrical panel for service diagnostics and options.
  • Color-coded wire harnesses for easy identification.
  • Additional shut off valve mounted in the discharge line of the compressor for quick isolation of the compressor for service.
  • Schrader® valves allow for faster and easier compressor change if ever needed.
  • Piping laid out to reduce stress and vibration for quieter operation.
  • Easy-to-verify leak-free unit by checking for the nitrogen holding charge with the Schrader® valve on the discharge or suction service valve.
  • Automatic reset, high-pressure control and adjustable low-pressure control with flexible refrigerant hose to reduce possibility for leaks.
  • Helix tube standard with refrigerant counter flow for increased condensing unit efficiency.
  • Vacuum tested for a clean, dry and leak-free unit.
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  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Food service
  • Food retail
  • Process cooling