Air Handler units are available in sizes 03 through 75 tons in multiple cabinet styles. This equipment is engineered and built to fit your unique project requirements. Whether it is cooling, heating, or ventilation, multiple coil types and accessories are available to meet specific application needs.

Standard Features

Basic Cabinet
  • Fan section and a coil section with double wall drain pan.
  • Galvanized steel with 1" - 3/4 pound density mat faced fiberglass insulation.
  • All fan sections have hinged and latched access doors.
Fan Section
  • Motors mount inside of cabinet.
  • All units have a single fan design (either forward curved or airfoil)
  • Single, double width, double inlet fan wheels for quiet performance and low energy consumption
  • Fans are statically and dynamically balanced in fan section before the unit leaves the factory
  • Fan bearings are ball bearing type selected for 200,000 hour average life.
Coil Section
  • A wide variety of coil types to meet the load requirements of conditioned spaces including water, direct expansion, heat reclaim and steam coils.
  • Electric Heaters and remote control panels
  • A wide variety of filter sections: flat, high capacity, and high efficiency
  • Economizer sections
  • Internal or external face and bypass damper section


For more information, please contact your local Sales Representative or Account Engineer.


  • UL Listed US & Canada