Beacon II™ Refrigeration System

Beacon II™ Refrigeration System is a patented, pre-assembled, factory-installed refrigeration control system featuring an integrated microcomputer-based electronic control board and an electric expansion valve at the heart of the system. With components factory mounted at both the condensing unit and evaporator, the Beacon II™ system can be used with single or multiple evaporator applications. While perfect for restaurants and convenience stores, the Beacon II™ system can be scaled up to meet the needs of larger refrigerated warehouses with optional system devices such as the Beacon II™ Smart Controller.

Features and Benefits

Reduced Installation Time/Cost
  • Factory mounted components, testing, and programming substantially reduces field assembly and fine tuning at the job site
Increased System Efficiency & Reliability
  • Beacon II™ electronic control board and electric expansion valve more accurately controls the flow of refrigerant verses traditional thermal expansion and solenoid valves
  • Preset factory superheat allowing the system to run more efficiently and reducing future adjustments
Reduced Energy & Operating Costs
  • Reduce up to 75% of unnecessary defrosts per day verses traditional timer systems with the Beacon II™ Smart Defrost
Improved Product Integrity & Reduced Spoilage
  • Precise temperature control improves product integrity while alarm notifications helps prevent small problems from turning into large problems
Strengthen Food Safety Compliance Programs
  • Data-logging capability helps comply with FDA and USDA HACCP food safety requirements
Compatible with the Remote Refrigeration Control
  • Web based remote monitoring and control service offering that provides instant access 24/7 to real time refrigeration system status and information

Factory Mounted Components

Condensing Unit
  • Wired for Beacon II™ control with all necessary relays, contactors, time delay, and terminal blocks
  • Outdoor air temperature sensor
  • Beacon II™ control board with easy to read alphanumeric LED display
  • Three temperature sensors (defrost temp, suction temp, room temp)
  • Electronic expansion valve that closes automatically on loss of power
  • 24-volt transformer, 24-volt compressor contactor, low pressure time delay switch, and suction pressure transducer

Eliminated Components

These traditional components are not required with a Beacon II™ system:
  • Liquid-line solenoid valve
  • Room thermostat
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Defrost time clock
  • Defrost termination/fan delay switch
  • Defrost and fan contactors

Optional Devices

  • Beacon II™ Smart Controller
  • Beacon II™ Smart Defrost


  • UL Listed US & Canada