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Important References & Information 

Regulation Effective Dates

Medium Temp Condensing Units and Self-Contained

Low Temp Condensing Units and All Unit Coolers


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Applications and Products Affected

  1. Walk-in coolers/freezers up to 3,000 ft2
  2. Condensing units & unit coolers used in walk-in coolers/freezers up to 3000 ft2
  3. Unit coolers used in supermarket refrigeration systems with dedicated walk-in coolers and freezers under 3,000 ft2
  4. Doors & panels used to construct walk-in coolers and freezers
  1. Coolers and freezers greater than 3,000 ft2
  2. Water-cooled condensing units, air-cooled condensers, or remote condensers
  3. Coolers/freezers used in medical, scientific, and research installations
  4. Multi-compressor condensing units or supermarket racks