Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System

Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System is a heat pump based design consisting of a vertical discharge condensing unit matched to one or two evaporators, medium profile or large unit coolers. Featuring a state-ofthe-art electronic defrost controller, the system operates in all outdoor ambient temperatures (tested to -20°F) and uses a proprietary control scheme to automatically adjust to changing conditions so that the system continues to operate at its most optimal level. The Mohave™ Advanced Hot Defrost System is designed for simplicity and optimal performance for use in agricultural, process cooling, cold storage and warehouse applications. The energy efficiency of this line makes it qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio.

Features & Benefits

Most Advanced
  • The most sophisticated controller used for hot gas defrost applications
  • Optimizes performance with changing conditions. There is no need to seasonally adjust settings!
  • Sensors gather information ad assess the condition of the system to defrost more efficiently
Most Versatile
  • Performs exceptionally in all ambient conditions because the controller automatically adjusts to operate efficiently and effectively. Traditional systems often have to be adjusted by hand twice a year.
  • Service switch, which allows the system to “sleep” until needed next, is perfect for seasonal agricultural applications.
Simplest to Use
  • Control board is preset with factory settings optimized for model size and refrigerant type. No programming is required!
  • Basic and expert menu modes allow for flexibility for various degrees of expertise
Lowest Maintenance
  • No valves or times to adjust for seasonal conditions
  • No water tank to maintain or check for leaks
  • Advanced troubleshooting keeps you in the know all the time, with a minimal amount of effort.
  • Special Evacuation Mode opens all necessary valves
Best Investment Protection
  • Controller is customized to operate within the specified operation envelope, ensuring the safest and most efficient performance
  • No guesswork is involved in the system settings, so you do not have to compromise the integrity of your product
  • Detailed error and alarm codes greatly reduce troubleshooting time
Compatible With Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control
  • Web based remote monitoring and control service offering that provides instant access 24/7 to real time refrigeration system status and information

System Components

Electronic Control Board
  • Controller completely manages timing and sequence of defrost
  • Automatically compensates for changes in outdoor temperatures
  • Monitors all pressures, temperatures, and set points in real time
  • Easily programmable through a menu driven interface
  • Conformal coated to handle the toughest conditions
  • LED indication on the board clearly shows system status
  • Remote alarm notification
Vertical Discharge Condensing Unit
  • Available Models: 6-30 HP low temperature and 7-40 HP medium temperature
  • Featuring Discuss semi-hermetic compressors
  • One or two medium profile evaporators or large unit coolers per system


For more information, please contact your local Sales Representative or Account Engineer.


  • UL Listed US & Canada