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Heatcraft is your complete partner for making Low GWP a part of your business. We're here to help you navigate the landscape of current and future regulations, across your business, at every level.

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GWP (Global Warming Potential) is the EPA's measure of how much energy the emissions of 1 ton of gas will absorb over a given period, relative to 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2)


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GWP is the new metric on which our industry is being evaluated. Basically, the lower the GWP, the less the refrigerant warms up the Earth.
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Passed in December 2020, The American Innovation in Manufacturing Act (AIM) authorizes the EPA to phase-down hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) production, restrict its uses, based on sector, and define refrigerant management standards.
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lower than 150 and possibly 300 depending on application. New regulations are likely to continue coming.
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At Heatcraft, we're involved in key committees and working groups to help the industry develop standards for your operating location and your applications.

The low GWP landscape is rapidly evolving. For the latest information or questions, please contact Heatcraft at [email protected]

image explaining Global Warming Potential & ozone depletion potential of CFC, HFC, HFC/HFO blend and natural refrigerants

Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is out, GWP is in. It's the new standard by which all refrigerants are now measured, as you can see in this chart:

  • HFO refrigerants are made of organic compounds and have significantly lower GWP than their HFC counterparts.
  • NH3 or ammonia has a GWP of 0, the lowest of any product available. However, its toxicity may make it unsuitable for your business.
  • Propane satisfies Low GWP standards, but is highly flammable.

Heatcraft: Meeting Your Low-GWP Needs

With the most experience of any manufacturer in North America, Heatcraft leverages over 100 years of refrigeration knowledge – and we offer the broadest range of Low GWP-compliant products.

The characteristics of Low GWP refrigerants:



HFOs & Blends (A2L)


GWP of 1

GWP of 0

Most satisfy Low GWP (< 300) thresholds

GWP of 3

Not flammable

Not flammable

Low to mildly flammable

Highly flammable

Low toxicity

High toxicity

Low toxicity

Low toxicity

icon explaining complaince & competitiveness
Stay compliant & competitive

Transitioning to Low GWP products now will avoid headaches later. While your competitors are scrambling to navigate new regulations down the road, you’ll be sleeping well.

icon explaining lowering total cost of ownership
Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

There are many ways you can save with Low GWP products such as increasing efficiency, potentially reducing material and energy costs (energy rebates) and avoiding hidden liabilities. Let us help you with a total cost assessment.

icon explaining environmental benefit
Environmental benefit

Low GWP products are better for your business, and the planet. The imperative to uphold our responsibility to the environment isn’t just a moral one. Customers are consistently choosing to spend with companies actively reducing their impact on climate change.

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Highly Qualified for Low GWP

Heatcraft has the expertise, performance, reliability, and product range to bring Low GWP to your new and existing applications, and deliver equal levels of performance and reliability across the board:

Food and industrial process cooling
Food and industrial process cooling
Rapid chilling/blast cooling application
Rapid chilling/blast cooling
image of a Cold storage warehouse
Cold storage warehousing
image of Post-harvest storage facility
Post-harvest storage

We'll analyze your facilities and determine the best course of action for Low GWP compliance, based on the intricacies of the regulatory requirements for your business needs, and more!

Did you know California passed a state regulation that imposes a limit of 150 GWP for new stationary refrigeration systems with greater than 50 lbs. of charge for new facilities? This law took effect Jan 1, 2022. How could this regulation affect you? Let us help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape and what this law could mean for commercial cold storage across the U.S. and Canada.

Low GWP regulation doesn’t just apply to new installations. CARB (California Air Resources Board) and SNAP regulations offer specific language for handling retrofit applications in existing facilities. Are you replacing a complete refrigeration system, several systems or just a component? We can guide you on the requirements and options available to you.

Remove the risk of going it alone. Choose Heatcraft and choose the best partner for Low GWP.

To learn more, contact a Heatcraft Refrigeration representative:

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Low Profile (LOP), Low Velocity Center Mount (LVCM), Medium Profile (MP) and Large Profile (LUC) CO2 unit coolers are designed for use with carbon dioxide refrigeration systems, which are optimized for lifecycle climate performance (LCCP). These units are an environmentally friendly solution for walk-in coolers or freezers, floral storage, fresh fruit and vegetables, dough retarding, fresh meat storage and preparations, tight storage situations, work rooms, warehouse coolers or freezers and numerous other commercial and industrial applications.

*Call factory for CO2 models, special process required

Heatcraft’s eCO₂Boost Transcritical Booster System is a cost-effective solution for cold storage applications. It uses naturally occurring, environmentally friendly and energy efficient CO₂ refrigerant. We carefully designed and optimized this rack to meet the needs of your unique applications, and it is offered in a wide range of capacities. With eCO2Boost racks, unit coolers and gas coolers, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products offers a complete Low GWP refrigeration package that provides efficiency, top performance and reliability.

The gas cooler is designed to be used in transcritical CO₂ applications. It offers you ample capacity range from 10 to 275 tons to satisfy an array of applications. The gas cooler uses the latest variable speed motor technology to provide critical sound and energy performance where significant energy savings are essential. An extensive list of options is available to match the most rigid application requirements. Heatcraft offers the gas cooler in single or double wide fan configurations.

Third-party system integration:

Depending on your operations or location, we know you may have unique application requirements that could call for specific technologies. That’s why Heatcraft partners with adiabatic gas cooler, control system and other providers to help you assess and address your individual needs.

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