InterLink Smart Defrost Kit™

The InterLink™ Smart Defrost Kit™ (SDK) was designed to be installed on any size electric defrost freezer system with an electromechanical time clock such as the Paragon 8145 or Grasslin timer setup for three or more scheduled defrosts a day. Once installed, the SDK learns the system, enabling it to predict frost accumulation on the evaporator and determine whether or not a defrost is necessary. Available as a factory installed option on condensing units.

Features & Benefits

Reduced Energy & Operating Costs
  • Customers typically see up to a 40% reduction in number of defrosts – fewer defrosts result in less energy usage and lower energy bills
Enhanced Product Integrity
  • Because the system isn’t defrosting unnecessarily, box temperatures are more stable, ultimately improving the integrity of stored products
Performance Verified by Intertech/ETL
  • 43.6% of scheduled defrost cycles skipped verified during a field test at a national restaurant chain by a third party testing company