Condensers and Gas Coolers

Heatcraft Air-Cooled Condensers offer model capacities from 1 to 264 tons. These condensers are designed with the latest condenser technology to provide low sound level, efficient performance and reduced maintenance. Fluid Coolers are available in horizontal or vertical airflow designs with fan configurations ranging from 1x1 to 2x6. These units provide excellent performance and long service life. They are ideal for commercial and industrial cooling applications. NTC Gas Coolers offer capacity range from 10 to 275 tons and are designed for transcritical CO2 applications to meet Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) regulation requirements. Models are available in single or double wide fan configurations.

Product Types

Looking for low noise levels, significant energy savings and a wide capacity range for commercial and retail applications? Look no further than our line of Air-Cooled Condensers.

Our Air-Cooled Gas Coolers are a low GWP compatible solution for small-to-medium-sized supermarkets, as well as for commercial cold storage, processing, blast chilling and more.

An ideal choice for commercial and industrial process cooling where outdoor installations are necessary. Conscious about cost and product lifespan? Learn about our custom engineered Fluid Coolers.


  • Supermarkets
  • Cold storage
  • Commercial and industrial process cooling
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Features & Benefits

  • Units available with copper finned/copper tube and aluminum finned/stainless steel tube coils for increased corrosion protection
  • 304 Stainless steel casing and drain pan construction available for improved corrosion protection
  • Aluminum blade
  • Mounted and wired disconnect switches provide simplified installation. Unit available with individual motor disconnects or a common motor disconnect. Disconnects available as either fused or non-fused
  • Mounted expansion valves (thermal and electronic) for faster installation
  • Hinged fan guard panel allows for quick access for easier cleaning and servicing
  • Single refrigerant connection manifolds