Heatcraft Medium Profile Unit Coolers are designed for efficiency and come with two-speed EC motors. They have an angled drain fitting, allowing for increased shelving for more product storage. Their hinged and removable access panels and hinged drain pans make service easier and more accessible.

  • UL Listed EPH
  • UL Listed US & Canada


Medium Profile Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

  • Includes Schrader valve for suction-pressure measurement.
  • Components wired to terminal board for easy field wiring.
  • Sweat connections reduce leak potential.
  • Quick installation and quiet operation.
Drain Pan
  • Front-hinged for easy access.
  • Large diameter drain fitting (¾” ID).
  • Patented Thermo-Flex™ coil design maintains integrity and longevity.
(Patent Number 5,584,340)
  • Enlarged heater slots for easier installation/replacement.
  • Electric defrost models have fixed defrost termination/fan delay and heater limit thermostats.
  • Plug-into-wiring harness for easier servicing.
  • Single phase EC motors are available factory-installed or as a drop-in replacement through InterLink™ Commercial.
  • Thermally protected, lifetime-lubricated single-phase PSC motors.
  • TXV, Liquid line solenoid valve and thermostat available as preferred factory-installed model.
  • intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller (iRC) units come with factory mounted, are tested and calibrated with an electronic expansion valve, feature a pressure transducer, temperature sensors, a control board and user interface. Standard features include door sensor, product load input and alarm output.
  • Optional field installable intelliGen Webserver Card (iWC) enables local and remote monitoring on any phone, tablet or PC.
  • Optional field installable intelliGen Integration Card (iIC) enables connectivity to BACnet and Modbus.
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  • Medium and large cold rooms
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Agricultural applications