Screw Compressor Condensing Units

The screw compressor condensing unit is an important addition to the Heatcraft air-cooled condensing unit product family, featuring innovative compact screw compressors and advanced microprocessor controls. The unit is designed to provide increased system reliability, reduced installation and operation costs, as well as, improved product integrity in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.

Increased Reliability

  • Fewer moving parts result in improved durability
  • Semi-hermetic motor design eliminates shaft seal and coupling concerns
  • Integral oil system provides improved lubrication performance
  • Factory-equipped microprocessor control system guarantees safe, reliable system performance
  • Floating tube condenser coil design minimizes potential for refrigerant leaks

Reduced Costs of Ownership

  • More capacity per compressor reduces number of compressors on large projects
  • Reduced installation time and cost savings
  • Built-in features include soft starting, slide valve unloading and digital controls for minimized operating costs

Improved Product Integrity

  • Advanced digital controls and variable capacity capability maintain more precise temperature control
  • Minimal temperature fluctuations result in maximum product integrity
  • Advanced diagnostic, monitoring and data logging options allow for quick system recovery


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  • UL Listed US & Canada