Coolness defined 

Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.

Imagine a total resource for all your refrigeration equipment and project needs. Serving wholesalers. Contractors. Sales representatives. And especially satisfied Heatcraft customers like you. It’s all right here on THE HUB: the streamlined portal that lets you configure equipment, generate submittals, create quotes, calculate box loads – and more. And it’s all just a few clicks away. How cool is that? It’s just another part of the enhanced user experience we strive for – and that you’ve come to expect – from all things Heatcraft.

What is THE HUB?

THE HUB is our intuitive, web-based portal that gives you instant access to real-time product data on the most advanced refrigeration products, simplifying the way you do business with Heatcraft. Pretty cool, huh?

Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.

Build your projects faster and easier

icon of real time quote functionality and review it anytime you want
Get your real time Quote and review it anytime you want
icon with unit cooler respresenting equipment selection
Define the best solution with Equipment Selection
icon of calculator representing Quick & Detailed Box Loads
Calculate Quick & Detailed Box Loads
icon with upward sign representing detailed information about Quick Submittals
Acquire detailed information through Quick Submittals
Access THE HUB

Remote access from anywhere using a browser without any software installation

image of the HUB customer portal to explain access of the software without any installation
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