Heatcraft Center Mount Unit Coolers can be mounted flush against the ceiling, which creates space for shelving and  more product storage. Bi-directional airflow ensures uniform cooling.

  • NSF
  • UL Listed EPH
  • UL Listed US & Canada


Center Mount Nomenclature

Features & Benefits

  • Even air distribution throughout cooler.
  • Compact, center-ceiling mount allows for storage of product around walls.
  • Designed for easy access to components.


  • Dehydrated, sealed at the factory and generous surface for proper compressor balance.
  • High quality tubular heaters and standard fixed-defrost termination thermostat.
  • Enhanced design for higher efficiency and reduced wattages.
Drain Pan
  • Hinged drain pan for faster, easier and safer access and serviceability.
  • Tapered mounting for condensate drainage to one end of the unit.
  • Double drain pan eliminates sweating.
  • Motor rail is designed for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Motors are life lubricated and thermal-overload protected.
  • Dual-speed EC motors are factory-installed.
  • intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller (iRC) units come with a factory mounted controller, are tested and calibrated with an electronic expansion valve, feature a pressure transducer, temperature sensors, a control board and user interface. Standard features include door sensor, product load input and alarm output.
  • Optional factory or field installable intelliGen Webserver Card (iWC) enables local and remote monitoring on any phone, tablet or PC.
  • Optional factory or field installable intelliGen Integration Card (iIC) enables connectivity to BACnet and Modbus.
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  • Meat storage
  • Meat cutting & packing
  • Freezer applications