Reach-In Unit Coolers

Heatcraft Reach-In Unit Coolers are ideal for applications where space is limited and can be used flexibly in retail environments such as display-type refrigerators, back bars, under-counter cabinets, ice-cream boxes, bakery freezers and beverage coolers.

Product Styles

Free up your top shelf with a compact unit built for display and retail refrigeration. Enjoy easy drain fitting, thermally protected and lubricated motors, leak reduction and more.

Gain all the same space-saving and efficiency benefits of our Air Defrost Cooler, but for freezer applications. Easy drain fitting, thermally protected and lubricated motors, leak reduction and more.

With the Model C high-profile Reach-In, temperature uniformity and airflow are the characteristics that keep products cool, even under high traffic retail conditions and repeated door opening.

Small size and versatility are the strengths of this V-profile deluxe Reach-In Unit Cooler. It can be mounted on the ceiling, back wall or end wall of small counter refrigerators, back bars and many other applications.

Our Back-Bar Reach-In Unit Coolers are ideal for food service and beverage applications. Benefit from medium and low temperature options, 16 hours per day of compressor run time, optional air deflectors and more.

Designed for increased air circulation and uniform temperature even when cabinet doors are open, our Mullion Reach-Ins provide mounting versatility, adjustable air deflectors and leak reduction.

Like its sister the Mullion, our Reverse Air Flow model is a compact, food-service workhorse. With air drawn from bottom to top, it's ideal for keeping food, trays and containers colder and fresher longer.

The Twin Flow cooling units are medium velocity, ceiling mounted coolers designed for fresh products and temperatures 35°F and higher to reduce air loss and prevent product drying.

Dual Air Unit Coolers are perfect for when space is limited. These compact coolers not only excel at even air distribution and temperature uniformity, but are less costly to install and easy to drain.


  • Food service
  • Food retail
  • Food storage
  • Beverage coolers
  • Display coolers
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