Sustaining the earth. And your bottom line.

From efficient motors and defrost systems to quiet fan-blade technology and our zero ozone-depleting refrigerants, sustainability is always a top priority at Heatcraft Refrigeration. With maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact in mind, we design our products to help clients conserve energy costs and improve their bottom line while also offering the latest in eco-friendly innovation.

E Solutions™ : Efficiency - Environment

To meet the increasing needs of our most eco-conscious customers, Heatcraft Refrigeration offers E Solutions™ branded products and options built to exceed current environmental and energy industry standards. It’s part of our overall global program to focus on the implementation of smart solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry that offer minimal environmental impact.

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Taking the LEED®

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products is also a proud partner of LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an internationally recognized green building certification system created to encourage the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings in order to reduce harmful effects to the environment.

Learn more about LEED, and find out how Heatcraft can help you earn LEED credits.