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  • 0.5 - 6 HP

bohn Model : ZWN020L6C   current

List Price: US$ 13,995

The 1/2 through 6 HP water-cooled condensing unit product line features Copeland Hermetic and Scroll® compressors. These condensing units’ component selection, location, base and unit dimensions are engineered for easy field replacement or installation in new applications where space is limited. The electrical box is designed with extra space for easier servicing. The area is large enough to accommodate circuit breakers, compressor contactors, time clocks and all start components in one enclosure. Standard features include compressor isolation valves that enable service technicians to isolate the compressor for service and an oversized receiver which provides total refrigerant pump down. These products are ideal for units requiring long runs.

indoor Application Capacity 9,690
Meets Minimum AWEF
  • UL Listed US & Canada

Product Brand Bohn
Product Type Water-Cooled Condensing Units
Product Category Condensing Units and Packaged Systems
Product Style 0.5 - 6 HP
Product Classification current
Application Indoor
Compressor Type Scroll
Operating Range Low Temperature
Voltage 208-230/3/60
Refrigerant Type R-404A/507
Compressor Model ZF06K4E
Entering Water Temp (⁰F) 85°F
Condensing Temp (⁰F) 105°F
ITD (⁰F) 20°F
Subcooling (⁰F) 0°F
Suction Temp F 20°F
BTUH 9690
GPM 2.7
PSI 3.9
Capacity BTUH 9,690
Height (In.) 28
Depth In 27
Width (In.) 22
Approx Net Weight (lbs) 157
Receiver 90Pc Full Lbs 20
Electrical Ratings
Compressor Model Number ZF06K4E-TF5
Power 208-230/3/60
Compressor RLA 8.3
Compressor LRA 55
Beacon II Or Air Defrost MCA 15 .0
Beacon II Or Air Defrost MOPD 15
Electric Defrost Mca 24
Electric Defrost MOPD 25
Defrost Heater Amps 6
Evap Fan Amps 19 .0

Defrost Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
DFT.002 Defrost Timer - Electric 912
SDK.001 InterLink� Smart Defrost Kit� 1,408 Can not be used alone. Must also select a electric defrost timer or electric defrost kit.
Electrical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
DFT.002 Defrost Timer - Air 912 Medium temperature applications only.
Mechanical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
LIQ.001-1 Liquid-line Drier & Sight Glass 855
LIQ.002-1 Liquid-line Drier Sight Glass & Solenoid Valve 1,823
SUC.003-1 Suction-line filter 544
SUC.004-1 Suction-line filter & accumulator 1,229
SUC.007-1 Suction accumulator 685

Product Add-ons

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intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

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Our refrigeration systems are built using durable materials and top-of-the-line components to fortify their longevity of use. Every product in our inventory is supported by the industry’s most trusted warranties, ensuring years of reliable performance and user satisfaction.

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