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bohn Model : TL12AG   current

List Price: US$ 1,999

Heatcraft Thin Profile Electric Defrost Unit Coolers are low temperature unit coolers. Mounted on the top of a refrigerator, the efficient, compact cabinet design makes it possible to utilize the entire top shelf area for storage. Having a normal operating range of 15°F to -20°F, this unit is ideally suited for applications such as commercial freezers, ice cream boxes and bakery freezers.

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  • UL Listed US & Canada

Product Brand Bohn
Product Type Reach-In Unit Coolers
Product Category Unit Coolers
Product Style Thin Profile Electric Defrost
Product Classification current
Voltage 115/1/60
Defrost Type Electric Defrost
Coil Option Standard
Rating Point F 10°F TD 20°F SST
Capacity BTUH 1,380
CFM 210
Height (In.) 4.5
Depth In 13.5
Length (in.) 20.5
Approx Shipping Weight (lbs) 19
Electrical Ratings
Motor Type Shaded Pole Motor
No Of Fans 2
Motor Voltage 115/1/60
Total FLA 1.6
Defrost Heater Voltage 115/1/60
Defrost Heater Amps 600
Defrost Heater Watts 5.2
Coil Inlet OD 0.375
Suction Od 0.5
Drain OD 0.5

Expansion Valves
Part Number Capacity Range List Price (US$)
TXV024 24000 BTUH and under 538
Liquid Line Solenoid Valves
Part Number Size Capacity Range Temperature Range Refrigerant List Price (US$)
29318013 3/8 12000 BTUH and under Medium R-404A 555
29318013 3/8 11000 BTUH and under Low R-404A 555
Shipped Loose
Part Type Part Number Part Description List Price (US$)
Room Thermostats 2891040 Room Thermostat 462
Room Thermostats 28963301 Electronic Room Thermostat 752
Defrost Controls 4267W Adjustable Defrost Control / Fan Delay Switch 455

Product Add-ons

intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller
intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

The intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller is a factory-mounted electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. intelliGen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

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Our refrigeration systems are built using durable materials and top-of-the-line components to fortify their longevity of use. Every product in our inventory is supported by the industry’s most trusted warranties, ensuring years of reliable performance and user satisfaction.

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Interlink Parts Lookup

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