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  • 11 - 264 Ton

bohn Model : BNED14A129   current

List Price: US$ 420,063

11 to 264 ton Air-Cooled Condensers feature increased energy efficiency and reduced sound levels sought after by the supermarket and grocery industry. Traditional condensers using 1140 RPM motors offer increased capacities, but cannot meet the low sound and high energy efficiency standards in demand today . These units are a great fit for many applications due to the combination of increased operating capacities, low sound levels and high energy efficiency. Choosing a model with the patented QuietEdge™ fan blade or variable speed EC motor makes this product more energy efficient while increasing cost savings.

  • UL Listed US & Canada

Product Brand Bohn
Product Type Air-Cooled Condensers
Product Category Condensers and Gas Coolers
Product Style 11 - 264 Ton
Product Classification current
Motor Voltage 208-230/3/60
Motor Type VSEC
Fan Config 2x7
Max No. of Feeds 56
Refrigerant Type R-404A
Capacity MBH F TD 115
Fins Per Inch 8 FPI
No Of Fans 14
CFM 140,100
Motor Venturi-Mount VSEC Motor
Motor RPM 420
Sound Data DBA @ 10ft 78.4
Height (In.) 49.13
Depth In 88
Length (in.) 377
Approx Net Weight (lbs) 5,070
Electrical Ratings
MCA 99.8
MOPD 110
Unit Kw 28
Motor FLA 98
Motor Voltage 208-230/3/60
Connection In. 4 @ 2 5/8
Fan Cycling
No Of Fans 14
Design TD 0

Mechanical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
CM.004 Coil Access Panels Galv -5,642
CM.004 Galvanized Cabinet w/ Side Access -5,642
LEGS.002 Extended Legs 30" 728
LEGS.003 Extended Legs 36" 728
LEGS.004 Extended Legs 42" 728
LEGS.005 Unit Frame Std. Legs 20" 11,655
LEGS.006 Unit Frame Ext. Legs 42" 12,928
Coil Protection Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
CS.BRZ Bronz-Glow Coating $number.format("integer", $optionsPricing.map.get($oj.get('option_code')))
CS.CPR Copper Fin Coil $number.format("integer", $optionsPricing.map.get($oj.get('option_code')))
CS.ELEC ElectroFin Coils $number.format("integer", $optionsPricing.map.get($oj.get('option_code')))
COIL.022 BohnGuard™ Fin Protection 29,531
COIL.022 Polyester Fin Protection 29,531
COIL.022 ProKote™ Fin Protection 29,531
Electrical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
MP.002 Individual Motor Fuses 5,096
MP.003 Individual Circuit Breakers (230V or 460V) 10,136
MP.004 Paired Motor Fuses 2,548
MP.005 Paired Circuit Breakers (230V or 460V) 5,071
PO.001 Power Outlet (115V) 507
MTB.001 Individual Motor Terminal Boards 3,540
MTB.002 Paired Motor Terminal Boards 1,770
DISC.002 Fused Disconnect 5,096
Fan Cycling Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
FC.019 Proportional Pressure Control 6,647
Fins Per Inch (FPI) Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
COIL.009 8 FPI -8,511
COIL.00X 10 FPI $number.format("integer", $optionsPricing.map.get($oj.get('option_code')))
COIL.011 12 FPI 8,511
COIL.012 14 FPI 17,018

Product Add-ons

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intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

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Our refrigeration systems are built using durable materials and top-of-the-line components to fortify their longevity of use. Every product in our inventory is supported by the industry’s most trusted warranties, ensuring years of reliable performance and user satisfaction.

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