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bohn Model : BEV0080AS6HMAB0000   current

List Price: US$ 8,399

Heatcraft Low Velocity Center Mount Unit Coolers can be mounted flush against the ceiling, which maximizes headroom and facilitations more product storage space. Bi-directional airflow ensures uniform cooling.

R-404A R-407A R-407C R-407F R-448A R-449A R-507A
cooler Application Capacity 7,500 8,400 8,400 8,400 8,400 8,400 7,500
AWEF 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Meets Minimum AWEF
  • NSF
  • UL Listed EPH
  • UL Listed US & Canada

Product Brand Bohn
Product Type Walk In Unit Coolers
Product Category Unit Coolers
Product Style Low Velocity Center Mount
Product Classification current
Application cooler
Voltage 115/1/60
Defrost Type Hot Gas Defrost
Dual Rated FALSE
Rating Point F 10°F TD 25°F SST
Refrigerant R-448A
Application Capacity 8,400
CFM 725
Height (In.) 15.5625
Depth In 28.6875
Length (in.) 31.5
Est Net Weight (lbs) 90
Electrical Ratings
Motor Type 2-Speed EC
No Of Fans 1
Motor HP 1/20
Unit MCA 1.125
Unit MOPD 20
Motor Voltage 115/1/60
Motor Watts 55
Motor Amps 0.8
Drain Pan Voltage 115/1/60
Coil Inlet OD 3/8
Suction Od 1-3/8
External Equalizer OD 1/4
Drain MPT 3/4

Coil Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
UC_FIN_MAT.BRZ Bronz-Glow or ElectroFin 3,376
UC_FIN_MAT.PRO ProKote™ Fin Protection $number.format("integer", $optionsPricing.map.get($oj.get('option_code')))
UC_FIN_MAT.PRO BohnGuard™ Fin Protection $number.format("integer", $optionsPricing.map.get($oj.get('option_code')))

Package Code Package Description List Price (US$) Notes
B0100 Beacon II™ (R-404A/R-448A/R-449A) 8,399
B0101 Beacon II™ (R-407A/C/F) 8,399
B0200 intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller (R-404A/R-448A/R-449A) 8,399
B0201 intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller (R-407A/C/F) 8,399
B0300 Quick Response Controller (R-404A/R-448A/R-449A) 8,399
B0301 Quick Response Controller (R-407A/C/F) 8,399
B0403 Mounted Components (TXV Solenoid Valve Elec. T'Stat - R-404A) NA
B0404 Mounted Components (TXV Solenoid Valve Elec. T'Stat - R-407A/C/F) NA
B0405 Mounted Components (TXV Solenoid Valve Elec. T'Stat - R-448A/R-449A) NA

Coil Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
UC_FIN_MAT.BRZ Bronz-Glow or ElectroFin 3,376
UC_FIN_MAT.BRZ Bronz Glow 3,376
Mechanical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
UC_COIL_MECH_OPTION.D Master TXV and Sporlan LLSV 1,362

Expansion Valves
Part Number Capacity Range List Price (US$)
TXV024 24000 BTUH and under 554
TXV036 24000 BTUH to 36000 BTUH 554
TXV060 36000 BTUH to 60000 BTUH 898
TXV120 60000 BTUH to 120000 BTUH 1,139

Product Add-ons

intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller
intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

The intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller is a factory-mounted electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. intelliGen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

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Our refrigeration systems are built using durable materials and top-of-the-line components to fortify their longevity of use. Every product in our inventory is supported by the industry’s most trusted warranties, ensuring years of reliable performance and user satisfaction.

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Interlink Parts Lookup

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