Taking a semester break from school to work at HRP doesn’t mean you stop learning from great teachers. We have an aggressive training program that includes instruction from our in-house experts and travel to offsite training companies. The amount of training and the volume of engineering projects that our Co-ops get to work on necessitate a commitment of three work terms. Following is a term-by-term breakdown of the training and activities for our students.

Work Term I

Training will be a big part of your first work term. This will help you acquire the skills you will need for future projects. After each training session you will have the chance to cement your newfound skills with a content related project. There's no better way to learn than to step right in and get started!

  • Solid Edge
  • ISO Training
  • Product Overview Training
  • Time Management Training
  • Application Engineering Training
  • SAP Training
  • Office Tutorials
  • Visual Basic Training
  • Lead Showroom Tour
  • General Lab Training & Setup
  • Refrigeration System Training Project

Work Term II

When you return for Work Term II you will have less training, with more in-field experience and projects. Training will include tools used for product design, as well as some instruction on key components of refrigeration. You will also visit customers and job sites to see equipment in use. This term provides more independent work and you will be given more responsibility to manage small projects.

  • Design Tool Training & Application
  • Sales and/or Service Trip
  • Brazing Training
  • Stage-Gate Training
  • Statistics Training/Application
  • Electrical Training
  • Intermediate Lab Work
  • Refrigeration System Control Training Project

Work Term III

In Work Term III, you will spend most of your time working on projects. You will be given a project which combines all of the skills that you have learned in the previous terms: a final design project for which you have ultimate responsibility to plan, implement, and complete. This term will give you a true tase of project management.

  • Lead Engineer on Design Project
  • Management Class
  • Cost Accounting Training
  • Advanced Lab Work
  • Co-op Supervision

Every Term

A skill that is not used tends to be forgotten. In addition to the term specific activities every term will have recurring activities to continually apply and reinforce key learning from each work term.

  • CAD Projects (Solid Edge)
  • Refrigeration Training Application
  • Visit Heatcraft Refrigeration Facilities
  • Project Specific Training
  • UL Submittal Projects
  • Engineering Change Requests
  • End of Term Presentation