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This is Not Your Grandpa’s Technology, So You Need Training 

article Published on 2022-12-02
By Chris Stephens

Technology in the refrigeration world keeps evolving. Governments and consumers are demanding greater efficiency, and the industry has complied, with energy-saving, intelligent solutions. Although these new products still go through the refrigeration cycle — they’re basically just transferring heat, after all — they are electronically, rather than mechanically, based.

Which is why training is so important. That legacy equipment was more forgiving. With today’s energy efficient technologies, you simply can’t cut corners. You’ll need to go back to the basics.

To learn more about training options, >I sat down with Don Fort, senior technical trainer at Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. His team offers a number of >industry-leading training courses, both in-class and as free webinars. They’ll even go to the wholesaler’s site if the distributor would like to host a training. The training is designed to increase proficiency in specifying, installing and maintaining Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ equipment and system solutions.


Know how it’s supposed to work

There’s the >Refrigeration and Installation Basics course, for instance. This is excellent for newer technicians, as well as for those who will be working on today’s higher-efficiency equipment — so just about all technicians, right? That’s because the more efficient our equipment gets, the more critical it is to understand the basics and what is happening in the refrigeration process – what’s the big picture diagnosis? After all, if you don’t know how it’s supposed to work, how can you troubleshoot?

Take it to the next level

Heatcraft also offers intelliGenTM controls training and CO2 transcritical technology training, plus special product webinars. And you can even take your skills to the next level by enrolling in the >Heatcraft Certified Contractor Program (HCCP), which focuses on best practice techniques for installation, maintenance, programming and troubleshooting on proprietary refrigeration controls and products.

Get the guidance you need

In a nutshell, Heatcraft is training technicians so their customers can gain the advantages of energy savings, which leads to cost savings. These days, mechanical controls are just not efficient enough. But working with electronic controls takes guidance, both through the Heatcraft training programs and by using the manufacturers’ product manuals that come with the technology.

And more …

Finally, Heatcraft has the >Refrigeration Toolkit mobile app that technicians can use to determine the setup for a compliant system. Between their training program, their product manuals and their app, Heatcraft really is preparing technicians to work on the always evolving technologies of today — and tomorrow.


Chris Stephens grew up in the HVACR trade and has been working as a field technician for more than 20 years. Looking for a way to efficiently train his own crew of technicians, Stephens started a >YouTube channel in 2017 and began recording and posting educational training videos where he solves equipment problems. For additional information, visit >https://hvacrvideos.com/.