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Who Is Responsible for DOE Compliance? 

article Published on 2020-01-02

It has been over two and a half years since the refrigeration industry has anticipated a major regulatory deadline. Now that we have reached the date to achieve compliance for walk-in coolers and freezers (WICF) that meet the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) minimum AWEF standards, we think it's a good time to review who is responsible for regulation compliance. Is it the end-user? Manufacturer? Contractor?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), contractors, and manufacturers who build, certify, and mark WICF equipment all bear some responsibility in DOE regulation compliance. As of January 1, 2020 enforcement begins for medium temperature condensing units, with enforcement for low temperature condensing units coming up on July 10, 2020.

WICF components must be certified by those who manufacture, produce, or assemble these refrigeration system components which include packaged and dedicated indoor and outdoor units used in retrofit or new applications. This applies to condensing units used within packaged systems, assembled for new walk-in cooler and freezer construction, or for replacement in previously installed/existing WICF component (retrofit). The WICF ruling from the DOE also includes components such as doors, evaporators, lighting, and panels. Compliance is based on the equipment’s date of manufacture, not installation.

Heatcraft has been working to ensure our equipment and components are in compliance with DOE standards. While refrigeration product manufacturers are responsible for meeting new energy requirements, contractors are under pressure to meet compliance deadlines due to the responsibility of building WICFs in the field.

Contractors must have an extensive understanding of the new regulation and close partnership with a commercial refrigeration manufacturer who supplies thorough information regarding compliancy and new equipment requirements.

Are you prepared to meet the new DOE walk-in cooler and freezer regulation coming January 1, 2020? Heatcraft is ready, and we are partnering with contractors to help ensure a smoother transition to compliancy.