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intelliGen™: Refrigeration Control Solution 

article Published on 2019-12-12

The new DOE regulations being enforced as of January 1, 2020 will raise the standards of efficiency and energy conservation, taking advantage of the advanced technology that is now available. Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration has utilized this emerging technology to design the industry’s leading refrigeration controller: intelliGen™.

The intelliGen Refrigeration Controller is innovative, simple, and smart. What benefits will the intelliGen controller bring to your walk-in cooler or freezer?

  1. Reduced energy costs
  2. Increase product integrity
  3. Quicker diagnosis of issues via user-friendly interface
  4. Remote monitoring capabilities

What is the intelliGen Refrigeration Controller?

Simply stated, the intelliGen controller is like having a professional supervising your system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is a factory-mounted electronic control solution for evaporators, delivering:

  • automatic superheat adjustment,
  • room temperature control, and
  • intelligent defrost control for walk-ins.

intelliGen offers reliable operation and improved efficiency, giving the end user unparalleled product integrity control with some powerful cost-saving benefits.

Tangible Savings: Cutting Energy Costs and Operational Expenses

intelliGen helps your system work smarter. By detecting condensation on the sensor coils, it overrides your system’s factory settings and only defrosts when needed, resulting in less energy use. Our end users also report significant operational savings. The ever-vigilant intelliGen controller quickly diagnoses issues and displays visibly bold notifications through our user-friendly interface. Immediate reaction means less downtime and preserves product integrity.

Check your potential savings using Heatcraft’s ROI Calculator tool.

Product Integrity: Faster Cooling, Remote Monitoring


Traditional control systems can take up to 3 hours to reach optimal working conditions and require a tune up during the install time. Under test conditions intelliGen was able to reach optimal conditions in 30 minutes. With an optional intelliGen Webserver Card (iWC) you can connect to your system locally or remotely through any smart device to track and control your walk in.

Stay Connected: Immediate Alerts

Once your product reaches optimal temperature, intelliGen keeps working and continuously monitors your system. Any issue triggers an immediate notification: intelliGen’s light bar provides a visual alert on-site, and when integrated with a BMS, you receive instant alerts by web, text, or email. You can request service instantly, reducing any down time and preserving your product.


Intuitive Design

Our controller features intelliGen’s light bar which communicates your system’s overall health with just a quick glance. Anyone walking by the controller can see the system’s status, whether they receive notifications or not. The full text display offers clear instructions during setup, the quick menu buttons allow users to set up preferred settings and effortlessly make changes, and the turn and press knob serves as a simple and intuitive navigation tool during servicing and setup.

intelliGen controllers are factory mounted, tested, and calibrated to ensure a product that is ready to hit the ground running. Thanks to our design features, this controller can be set up in 2 minutes, a massive savings compared to the typical 2-hour set-up time.

Watch the intelliGen set-up in action:

Next Steps

When you’re ready to purchase or upgrade your evaporator (and save money in the process), contact your local Heatcraft Certified Contractor. Interested in becoming Heatcraft certified? Register for our Heatcraft Certified Contractor program.