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Heatcraft DOE 2020 Unit Cooler Models Now Available to Order & Ready to Perform 

article Published on 2020-08-21

The final compliance phase of the DOE-mandated 2020 commercial refrigeration regulations was complete as of July 10, 2020, for medium and low temperature unit coolers and for low temperature condensing units and packaged systems. This journey included years of strict testing, meticulous engineering, continuous education and an unwavering commitment to deliver new products that not only meet DOE Annual Walk-in Energy Factor (AWEF) minimum efficiencies, but also improve serviceability and unit performance.

Heatcraft rounded out its new model product offering before the July 10 compliance date by launching unit coolers that meet DOE minimum AWEF within five product lines: Low Profile, Medium Profile, Center Mount, Low Velocity Center Mount and Large Warehouse unit coolers. Manufactured under the brands Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control and Chandler, these unit coolers are loaded with new installation and serviceability features that make it easier for refrigeration technicians to access components and to perform maintenance on the units when needed. Additionally, end-users will benefit from energy-efficient features and enhanced unit performance.

Heatcraft Unit Coolers…Ready to Perform

Low Profile Unit Cooler


Center Mount Unit Cooler


Low Velocity Center Mount Unit Cooler


Medium Profile Unit Cooler


Large Warehouse Unit Cooler


We are Ready

At Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, we are ready with a comprehensive line of new condensing unit, unit cooler and packaged system models that meet DOE minimum AWEF. Be sure to check out Heatcraft’s complete roadmap to DOE 2020 for more information!