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Heatcraft DOE 2020 Compliant Condensing Units Now Available 

article Published on 2019-11-01

As the commercial refrigeration industry gears up for the new DOE 2020 regulatory standards, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products has steadily continued down the path of developing and launching compliant products that meet upcoming Annual Walk-In Energy Factor (AWEF) minimum efficiency standards for condensing units, unit coolers and package systems. This unwavering commitment has led to the availability of equipment now ready to order ahead of the first DOE regulatory compliance date of January 1, 2020, for medium temperature condensing units and self-contained units.

Heatcraft not only took into consideration necessary changes to impacted product lines under the Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control and Chandler brands to meet AWEF ratings, but we also incorporated new outstanding features to improve serviceability and unit performance.

More Reasons to Trust Heatcraft Products

1/2 - 6 HP Air-Cooled Condensing Units


3 – 22 HP Air-Cooled Condensing Units


12 – 50 HP Vertical Air-Cooled Condensing Units


24 – 100 HP Dual Vertical Air-Cooled Condensing Units


We are Ready

At Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, we are well positioned for the coming DOE regulatory deadlines not only in terms of our innovative commercial refrigeration products, but for helping customers stay informed and move toward compliancy well ahead of schedule.