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Heatcraft and AHRI 

article Published on 2020-01-24

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) represents 315 manufacturers of air-conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment. It is an internationally recognized advocate for the HVACR industry and certifies the performance of many of the products manufactured by its members. In the United States alone, AHRI members employ approximately 130,000 people, and support another 800,000 dealers, contractors, and technicians.


Heatcraft and AHRI work together in several different ways to monitor regulations, standards, laws, and other events that impact the HVACR industry. Working under the governance and supervision of AHRI assures all industry members can have thoughtful and open discussion toward consensus, without risking competitive behavior.

Heatcraft participates in and leads a number of working groups, committees, and subcommittees to address industry issues. Within these meetings, we work through technical, regulatory, and other challenges to determine appropriate responses and develop action plans, often resulting in other working groups who execute the plan.

AHRI, an HVACR Advocate

On behalf of the HVACR industry, AHRI presents response and position papers to government agencies, state and local municipalities, associations, or public messages. These papers are the true advocacy work at AHRI’s core. They formalize consensus opinions, requests, positions, responses, and any other communications our industry wishes to present.

AHRI’s next industry event will by the AHR Expo where Heatcraft’s principal engineer; Shitong Zha, Ph.D.; will be speaking during the “State-of-the-Art Refrigeration Technologies with Lower Environmental Impact” session.


Heatcraft and AHRI: Collaborating for the Industry

We are often asked to provide commentary and feedback on AHRI’s papers, presenting our company’s (and our clients’) point of view and experienced perspective. In addition, Heatcraft participates in major shows and events sponsored by AHRI and attends meetings that gather industry members, unifying the collective voice of our industry.

Along other AHRI members and staff, we attend stakeholder meetings, sponsored by entities putting forth regulations, such as state and federal government agencies and technical/industry associations.

When groups like AHRI collaborate and support our position, it helps our entire industry advocate for more desirable outcomes and guides regulating entities towards an effective solution.