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DOE 2020 - How Heatcraft is Well Positioned, is Everyone Else? 

article Published on 2019-10-08

With January 1, 2020 just three months away, precious little time is left to ensure DOE compliance with certain commercial walk-in cooler and freezer products. Impending 2020 DOE regulatory standards deadlines have many contractors, OEMs, wholesalers and end-users nervous, but are you ready? Heatcraft is fully prepared, and we've been providing information to help you ensure DOE compliance for quite a while now!

Along with articles, webinars, and videos designed to keep those in the commercial refrigeration industry "in the know" regarding DOE compliance preparation and implementation, Heatcraft has been developing products that are unsurpassed in the industry to make certain upcoming regulatory changes don't interrupt the continuity of your business. We are excited to announce the release of our new ½-6HP air-cooled condensing units available for order on The HUB on October 8, 2019.

For more than five years we have been focused on the development of products that meet AWEF minimum efficiency standards in an effort to reduce U.S. energy consumption and increase efficiency of commercial refrigeration products. As of January 1, Heatcraft's medium temperature condensing and self-contained units will meet or exceed AWEF minimum efficiency standards, and with all low temperature condensing and self-contained units being DOE compliant as of July 10, 2020, we have your back. Additionally, we have been providing technical data and collateral for package unit models as well as new low- and medium-temp condensing units.

Just over one month ago, we shared tips and information on how those in the commercial refrigeration industry can be prepared for the DOE 2020 regulatory changes. If you have been keeping up with our DOE 2020 blog, you are well-armed with critical information, tips, and dates to ensure compliance. You will find all of the tools and technologies critical to serving your customers’ needs at The HUB as well.

At Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration we are well positioned for the coming regulatory deadlines not only in terms of our innovative commercial refrigeration products, but helping our customers stay informed and move toward compliancy well ahead of schedule. Be sure to check out our roadmap to DOE 2020 for more information!