Walk In Unit Coolers

Heatcraft Walk-In Unit Coolers are reliable and efficient with a focus on serviceability. They are used in a wide variety of cooler and freezer applications and operate using several refrigerants (including glycol and CO2).

Product Styles

Our Low Profile Unit Coolers offer big performance yet take up limited space, are compatible with HFC (R-448A, 449A, etc.), CO2 and glycol refrigerants. You can reap energy and cost savings benefits, too.

Low Velocity Center Mount Unit Coolers are great for high-humidity, low-air flow environments such as floral, fruit and meat storage. Available in air, electric or hot gas defrost models.

Center Mount Unit Coolers balance utility and efficiency. Designed for increased headroom and even air flow, these coolers run on HFC (R-448A, 449A, etc.), CO2 and glycol refrigerants and provide significant cost and energy savings.

Medium Profile Unit Coolers provide the ideal balance of power and size for medium to large walk-in applications as well as commercial cold storage. Utilize more shelf space without losing performance.


  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Food prep areas
  • Small-to-medium-sized cold rooms
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