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Our commitment to excellence does not stop with our products. We provide ongoing training for our team of Heatcraft Refrigeration representatives. Not only do we offer classes on the fundamentals of refrigeration, we also provide hands-on technical training on the repair and maintenance of our products and demos that help to increase product knowledge. Successful installation and maintenance have a major impact on your personal achievement and our success as a brand.

Because our technology is always evolving, we continually add to our training offerings so our Heatcraft Refrigeration representatives can remain up-to-date on the latest products and skills of the trade.

Online Courses (New)
Heatcraft now offers online tutorials. These small courses are designed to educate refrigeration industry professionals in a interactive and engaging manner.

Training Classes
We offer a variety of training classes across the U.S. to meet the needs of the refrigeration industry.

Virtual training classes are available on a variety of topics.

Get in-depth reviews and detailed information to give you a better understanding of the product lines and services.

Calendar of Events
Keep up to date on the latest Heatcraft events, including training classes, webinars, trade shows, conventions and much more.

Request a Training (New)
This form allows our sales team/customers to request Product Training, Technical Training, or Heatcraft Certified Contractor Program Training. Please allow a 4 week lead time to schedule the training.