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  • How do I open the EEV during installation for leak/pressure testing and charging?
      1. Power board
      2. Press Reset button until “DLY” is displayed
      3. Unplug EEV from board
      4. Power-down the board
      5. Plug EEV back onto unpowered board after display decimals go dim
  • My EEV does not open on initial startup and indicates an E-7 error code.
    • There could be many factors, but the most common is the transformer tap is not plugged into the spade that closest resembles the incoming voltage. Set the 208/240 tap on the transformer accordingly.

  • What should the Time Delay Relay, located in the condensing unit’s electrical panel, be set for?
    • One minute. The numbers on the dial will be .1 and then 3.5. The dial should be a little less than halfway between the two marks.

  • What should my pressure/temperature switches be set for if they are the adjustable type?
      • Low pressure = 20 psi cut in/ 2 psi cut out
      • Pressure Fan cycle = 250 cut in/ 190 cut out
      • Ambient fan cycle = 50° cut out/60° cut in
  • How do I check a possible leaking EEV?
    • Close the valve at the outlet of the receiver while the unit is in "Coo", (or manually pump the system down by holding the compressor contactor in), until you get to 1 or 2 psi. Switch the system to SERVICE. The valve should be 100% closed. Cycle power at the board, by disconnecting and re-connecting one side of the 24 volt low voltage. This will sync the valve with the board.

      Crack the valve at the outlet of the receiver to gradually pressurize the liquid line. Watch the low pressure gauge. If the valve seats properly you should not see a rise in suction pressure. If you do see a rise in suction pressure the valve is not seated and may need to be replaced however prior to replacing the valve refer to page 19 of the I and O manual and ensure the valve harness is plugged in according to the diagram with the widest spade on terminal C.

  • How do I check my EEV to see if the windings are good and are OK electrically?
    • Check the resistance of the actuator (150 ohms) across A & B and C & D as indicated in the diagram.

  • How do I test my Beacon board to see if it is sending proper voltage to the EEV?
    • Switch the system to the TEST MODE. Disconnect the valve harness from the Beacon II Board. Check for voltage output (18 to 33 VAC) across the A & B and C & D connections. (or the two top pins, then the two bottom pins). Voltage is present only when the valve is pulsed. (Every 15 seconds)

      No voltage may mean a bad board (no output).

  • How do I clear all errors and alarms?
    • Simply place in the “Service” mode at the toggle switch on the condensing unit or press the “forced service” button twice on the Beacon II board. If there is a Smart Controller, the board option will not work but it can then be placed in service at the Smart Controller through the Program Review option.

  • While in error code status, there is no voltage from the board to the condensing unit. How can I check my circuit?
    • Simply move the wire from #8 (comp) to #10 (24 V). That will send power to your condensing unit.

  • Unit board is displaying repeating error codes: “E1, E2, E3…E7, E1, E2…E7”
    • This is a rare occurrence when the outdoor sensor wiring is shorted or grounded. The field wiring is connected to terminal #1 and #2 on the Beacon2 board. Disconnect the wires and repower the board. The error display should disappear.

      Since the outdoor sensor is not critical to the operation of the Beacon2 board, it can remain unconnected. Otherwise, re-run the wires as time permits.

  • Board is displaying ”OFF” but the box temperature is warm ( i.e. greatly above the room temperature set point on the board.)
    • This typically is a result of low, secondary voltage on a 230v system. If the secondary voltage feeding the board drops to below 22 volts, it will ‘reset the board.’ Upon restart, the board simply displays OFF with no error code.

      Check the primary voltage on the Beacon2 transformer. The factory setting for the primary tap is for 230v. If the primary voltage is at or below 215v, move the primary wire to the 208v tap. This will have the effect of raising the secondary voltage to around 24-26v.

      And additional cause of low secondary voltage is a high load in the control circuit. A nicked field wire from either the “COMP’ or the ”C” terminal or a compressor contactor coil drawing too many amps can cause a drop in the secondary voltage. Inspect the field wires for nicks and grounds and replace as needed. Measure the contactor coil for very low resistance. Replace as needed with a new 24v contactor.

  • How do I check the accuracy of the Beacon temperature input (sensor)?
    • Place the sensor into a water and ice mixture and check the sensor’s resistance assuming 32 F degree water. Sensor response should be 32,650 ohms at 32 F degrees. Replacement of the sensor would be required if the reading is +/- 1000 ohms (approximately 1 degree F).

      Table 1 in the Beacon II Installation and Operations Manual, available here, has various resistances/ temperatures for your reference.

      Simply place a new sensor into the original location. If a replacement sensor is not on hand, you may use the defrost sensor or outdoor temperature sensor relocated for room temperature or suction temperature use.

  • How do I check the accuracy of a Beacon II suction transducer (pressure sensor input)?
    • Measure suction pressure at the evaporator and compare to the Beacon II displayed pressure by using the “Monitor” feature of the board. Observe the reported value at “SCP” - evaporator suction pressure.

      Values are required to be within 2 PSIG for proper superheat control of the evaporator. Replacement of the sensor is handled as any other pressure control. Remove and replace the control, securing wiring away from any heat or source of abrasion.


  • What is Heatcraft Refrigeration's standard warranty?
    • All units sold by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products are covered under the standard catalog warranty. The basic terms of the standard catalog warranty is as follows:

      Products warranted for one year from date of original installation, or eighteen (18) months from date of original shipment, from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, whichever occurs first.

      Replacement parts used on equipment past warranty terms are warranted for 1 year from date of installation.

  • How do I obtain in-warranty replacement parts?
    • Whenever possible, replacement parts are to be obtained from a local authorized Heatcraft Refrigeration Products wholesaler. Replacement parts which are covered under the terms of our warranty statement will be reimbursed for total cost of the part only plus applicable taxes. The original invoice from the wholesale parts suppler must accompany all warranty claims for replacement parts reimbursement. Processing or handling fees assessed by parts wholesalers are not reimbursable under Heatcraft's warranty terms.

  • How do I know if my Heatcraft Refrigeration unit is in warranty?
    • Contact Heatcraft Refrigeration Product's warranty department at (800) 537-7775 with the model and serial number of the equipment that was serviced along with the equipment's original installation date.

  • How do I submit a warranty claim?
    • Warranty claims should be submitted to the original purchaser of your Heatcraft Refrigeration Products equipment. If assistance is needed to identify the equipment's original purchaser you can contact Heatcraft Refrigeration Product's warranty department at (800) 537-7775 with the model and serial number of the equipment that was serviced.

  • How do I get a warranty claim form?
    • Heatcraft Refrigeration Product currently does not have a warranty claim form. Instead, all warranty claims for Heatcraft equipment are processed through the original purchaser of the equipment serviced.

  • How do I return material (defective/new and unused)?
    • The original purchaser must receive written permission from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products to return the product. Contact your Heatcraft Sales Representative or a Heatcraft Refrigeration Product's warranty representative at (800) 537-7775.

  • Who do I contact to service my Heatcraft Refrigeration equipment?
    • Heatcraft Refrigeration Products does not have authorized service contractors. A qualified refrigeration service contractor of your choice is permitted to service Heatcraft equipment as needed. All service contractors should contact Heatcraft Refrigeration Products warranty department to confirm warranty status prior to beginning any service related work.

  • How do I get an "in-warranty" replacement part?
    • If you are a Heatcraft Refrigeration Products customer, you can use the WebWarranty claims process on Access2Answers to order the replacement part.

  • How do I locate an authorized Heatcraft Refrigeration wholesaler?
    • To locate an authorized Heatcraft Refrigeration wholesaler, use our wholesaler locator. You can also contact a Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Customer Service Representative at (800) 537-7775 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time or by clicking one of the various wholesaler links found on Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Warranty Webpage.

  • How can I check the status of a warranty claim once submitted?
    • You can contact Heatcraft Refrigeration Product's warranty department at (800) 537-7775. Make sure to have your Heatcraft equipment serial number handy for reference purposes.

  • What is WebWarranty?
    • WebWarranty is an online claims filing process available to Heatcraft Refrigeration Products customers through Access2Answers.

  • How does WebWarranty work?
    • WebWarranty guides users through a simple online claims process through a series of tabs and information prompts. With this tool, users can submit claims for replacement parts directly and receive instant claim credit. Claims status can also be viewed online once a claim is filed. Documentation to substantiate the claim may still be required.

  • How do I sign up for WebWarranty?
    • To access WebWarranty, you must be a member of Access2Answers with a valid username and password.

Techincal Faqs

If you need technical assistance, email sesweb@heatcraftrpd.com. Please include your name, address and daytime phone numbers.