The Department of Energy (DOE) has established minimum efficiency standards for walk-in coolers/freezers 3000 sq ft and under. Manufacturers must report and label the product efficiency (AWEF).

  • Starting 6/26/2017, this applies only to condensing units and packaged systems for coolers (not freezers).
  • Starting mid-2020, this applies to condensing units, unit coolers, and packaged systems, for both coolers and freezers.

Beginning June 2017, each condensing unit spec plate will now show the EPA-approved refrigerants that are applicable to that unit. The possible refrigerants include:

  • R-404A, R-507
  • R-407A, R-407C, R-407F
  • R-448A, R-449A

For additional details, background, and exceptions, please see the FAQs at right.