Efficiency. Savings. Durability.

Reduce energy use and store operation costs with our new air-cooled condenser, featuring microchannel coil technology.

This latest refrigeration solution from Heatcraft Refrigeration includes an environmentally friendly design that significantly reduces refrigerant charge, helping your business meet its "green" design objectives.

Equipped with innovative technology that helps to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing corrosion, our new air-cooled condenser is a durable high performing product created with your business needs in mind. These features, combined with sound control technology, translate into greater savings and efficiency for your store.

The air-cooled condenser offers:

  • Over 70% reduction in refrigerant charge
  • Increased energy efficiency over traditional condensers with fan cycling
  • Improved corrosion resistance with all aluminum coil construction
  • Available with quiet variable speed EC (VSEC) fan motors or Inverter Duty AC fan motors
  • 20% lighter weight than comparable round-tube, plate fin air-cooled condensers
  • 25% lower cabinet height than comparable round-tube, plate fin condensers
  • Available with environmentally friendly R-448A or R-449A refrigerants
  • 7 year warranty on Microchannel coil

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products can help you achieve greater savings through operational efficiencies.