As a leading innovator and global provider of commercial refrigeration systems and components, Heatcraft is committed to offering our customers the most innovative products available. We are also driven by a strong commitment to provide energy-efficient, environmentally sound solutions to a wide variety of businesses.

Because of its nature, refrigeration technology provides an excellent opportunity to help our customers reduce their energy needs while increasing profitability. Our products are engineered to deliver the highest possible efficiencies while lowering impact to the environment. And we offer all this while implementing the most advanced technologies in the industry for products that really perform.

Many of our products, including our E Solutions™ portfolio, help buildings qualify for LEED® points. This is achieved through cutting-edge technologies like our EC motors, which can increase efficiency by up to 59%, and a QuietEdge™ fan blade design that optimizes performance while ensuring the lowest possible sound levels. And our innovative HyperCore™ microchannel coil technology helps to reduced energy consumption, sound, refrigerant charge and leak potential.