Monitor. Detect. Control. Relax

The Remote Refrigeration Control (RRC) is an internet-based control system that allows end-users to manage their refrigeration systems using any web browser, from anywhere in the world. Owner/operators or maintenance engineers no longer need to be on-site to manage and maintain refrigeration systems. Round the clock remote monitoring capabilities allow end-users to control box temperatures, change configuration parameters and receive alarm notifications if any system issues occur, all from the convenience of an internet connection. Available for new and existing systems.

The Remote Refrigeration Control Features:

      An easily understood operating platform

      Available through any internet connection

      E-mail and text alarms

      The ability to manage multiple locations via one account

The Remote Refrigeration Control is Available for:


Mohave Hot Gas Defrost Systems

Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System is a heat pump based design consisting of a vertical discharge condensing unit matched to one or two evaporators, medium profile or large unit coolers. Featuring a state-ofthe-art electronic defrost controller, the system operates in all outdoor ambient temperatures (tested to -20°F) and uses a proprietary control scheme to automatically adjust to changing conditions so that the system continues to operate at its most optimal level. The Mohave™ Advanced Hot Defrost System is designed for simplicity and optimal performance for use in agricultural, process cooling, cold storage and warehouse applications.

Beacon II Refrigeration Systems


Beacon II™ Refrigeration System is a patented, pre-assembled, factory-installed refrigeration control system featuring an integrated microcomputer-based electronic control board and an electric expansion valve at the heart of the system. With components factory mounted at both the condensing unit and evaporator, the Beacon II™ system can be used with single or multiple evaporator applications. While perfect for restaurants and convenience stores, the Beacon II™ system can be scaled up to meet the needs of larger refrigerated warehouses with optional system devices such as the Beacon II™ Smart Controller.

Quick Response Controller


The Heatcraft Quick Response Controller is a factory installed and tested control solution that provides superior system performance and energy savings by performing three key functions: Automatic Superheat Control, Room Temperature Control, and Optimized Defrosts for refrigeration unit coolers.

RRC normally connects to all DHCP IP internet connections. If your site is Static IP, Mohave, or is highly secure, IT personnel may be required to be on site.

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