Qualifying orders include any Heatcraft condensing unit or standard unit coolers matched and purchased as a system with any of the following eligible products.

The purchase period for the program is January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

Submit invoices to: cscp@heatcraftrpd.com

Unit Coolers

Large and medium unit coolers are ideal for warehouse cooler/freezer applications. These high quality, heavy duty evaporators are available in a wide range of capacities to support many applications. The Industrial Unit Coolers are ideal for large cold storage and process cooling applications, such as blast freezers and processing facilities.


Eligible Products:

  • Large Unit Coolers
  • Medium Profile Unit Coolers
  • Industrial Unit Coolers

Condensing Units

Vertical condensing units are designed to meet the needs of a demanding commercial and industrial refrigeration market. Configured to be flexible in its design and construction to allow it to respond to the requirements of refrigeration contractors, consulting engineers and facility owners/operators. Screw Condensing Units feature innovative compact screw compressors with advanced microprocessor controls, designed to provide increased system reliability, reduced installation and operation costs.


Eligible Products:

  • Vertical Condensing Units
  • Dual Vertical Condensing Units
  • Screw Condensing Units

Mohave Hot Gas Defrost

The Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System is a sophisticated system used for hot gas defrost applications in the industry today. Mohave™ is a heat pump based design consisting of a vertical discharge condensing unit matched to one or two evaporators, medium profile or large unit coolers providing optimal performance for use in agricultural, process cooling, cold storage and warehouse applications.

Rack Systems

Heatcraft Rack Systems are custom engineered refrigeration assemblies designed and built to fit unique project requirements for both indoor and outdoor applications. Heatcraft offers HFC-free refrigeration solutions with CO2 transcritical and NH3/CO2 rack systems as alternatives to the existing line of HFC parallel rack systems.


Eligible Products:

  • HFC
  • CO2 Transcritical
  • CO2 / NH3
  • Screw Compressor Rack

intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

The intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller is a factory-mounted electronic control that provides faster system setup and smarter servicing compared to conventional mechanical controls.

  • Quick and simple system setup
  • Reduced installation, diagnosis, servicing and downtime
  • Remote access anywhere, anytime with smart phone, tablet or laptop


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