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bohn Model : BCH0075LCACDA0000   current

List Price: US$ 51,920

3 to 22 HP air-cooled condensing units with Copeland and Bitzer Semi-Hermetic reciprocating or Scroll compressors provide flexibility and serviceability. We offer units for medium or low temperature applications, with either pre-configured option packages or custom configurations for specific applications. Piping connections are externally mounted, and each unit features removable cabinets for easy access to service components. Our designs are energy efficient, approved for use with multiple refrigerants; units are engineered to meet low GWP regulations.

R404A R407A R407A R407C R407F R407F R448A R448A R449A R449A
freezer Application Capacity 37,040 32,180 32,180 27,730 32,180 32,180 31,840 31,840 31,840 31,840
AWEF 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15 3.15
Meets Minimum AWEF
  • UL Listed US & Canada

Product Brand Bohn
Product Type Air-Cooled Condensing Units
Product Category Condensing Units and Packaged Systems
Product Style 3 - 22 HP Horizontal Air Discharge
Product Classification current
Application Outdoor Horizontal
Operating Range Low Temperature
Compressor Type Discus
Compressor P N 3DB3F33KE-TFC
Voltage 208-230/3/60
Cabinet C4
Refrigerant Type R404A R407A R407C R407F R448A R449A
Rating Point 95°F Ambient -20°F SST
Ambient Temperature F 95°F
Suction Temperature F -20°F
Capacity BTUH 37,040
Meets Minimum Awef TRUE
Refrigerant R404A
Height (In.) 39.25
Depth In 36.75
Width (In.) 51.75
Approx Net Weight (lbs) 805
Receiver 90 Pc Full Lbs 28
Sound Data Dba 81
Electrical Ratings
Compressor Model Number 3DB3F33KE-TFC
Power 208-230/3/60
Compressor RLA 27.6
Compressor LRA 161
Fan Motor Qty 1
Fan Motor Fla 2.7
MCA 37.2
Evap Fan Amps 20
Defrost Heater Amps 60
Remote Loads 1 Contractors High Amps Electric Defrost Mca 75
Remote Loads 1 Contractors High Amps Electric Defrost Mopd 80
Connection Type Parallel Piped
Liquid Od 0.5
Suction Od 1.125

Package Code Package Description List Price (US$) Notes
A0100 Defrost Timer - Air 52,785
A0300 Defrost Timer - Contactor 53,911
A0400 intelliGen™/Beacon II 54,514
A0400 intelliGen‚Ñ¢/Beacon II 54,514
A1002 Replaceable Core Filter-Accumulator + Liquid Standard + Replaceable Core Filter Drier 55,358

Defrost Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
DFT.INTELLIGEN_BEACON intelliGen™/Beacon II 2,731
DFT.INTELLIGEN_BEACON intelliGen‚Ñ¢/Beacon II 2,731
Electrical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
PLM.PLM Phase Loss Monitor 1,869
DFT.AIR TIMER Defrost Timer - Air 911
DEF.FUSE OPTION ONLY Fuses for electric defrost kits 745
SW.ADJ LOW_ADJ HI_MAN Adjustable high pressure switch w/ manual reset & adjustable low pressure switch 642
SW.DUAL PRESSURE CONTROL Dual pressure control with adjustable high & low pressure settings 251
DFT.ELEC TIMER_CONT Electric Defrost Kit 2,096 Includes (1) electric defrost timer (1 or 2) heater & (1) fan contactors terminal strip
Mechanical Options
Option Code Option Description List Price Adder (US$) Notes
SUC.FILTER Suction-line filter 771
DIS.ADJ HPV Adjustable Head Pressure Valve 913
SUC.FILTER_RC Replaceable core suction-line filter 1,482
SUC.ACCUMULATOR Suction accumulator 1,186
CS.BRZ RTPF COIL Bronz-Glow coil coating Call Factory
CS.CPR RTPF COIL Copper condenser fins 7,286
CS.ELC RTPF COIL ElectroFin coil coating Call Factory
CS.PRO RTPF COIL BohnGuard™ condenser fin protection 2,014
CS.PRO RTPF COIL BohnGuard‚Ñ¢ condenser fin protection 2,014
DIS.OIL SEPARATOR Oil separator with discharge line check valve 2,145
LIQ.FILTER_SG_RCFD Replaceable core liquid-line filter drier & sight glass 770
LOW.STD RECEIVER_LOW AMB Standard receiver with low ambient kit (heated/insulated receiver & low pressure bypass time delay relay) 1,295
DIS.OIL SEPARATOR_ADJ HPV Oil Separator, Adjustable Head Pressure Valve 3,007
REC.OVS RECEIVER Oversized receiver 622 See technical bulletin for volumes
LIQ.FILTER_SG_SV Liquid-line solenoid valve 1,009 Not recommended on applications with line runs more than 25 feet.

Shipped Loose
Part Type Part Number Part Description List Price (US$)
50053301 8" Extended Legs 724
59898801 Hail Guards 774

Product Add-ons

intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller
intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

The intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller is a factory-mounted electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. intelliGen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

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Our refrigeration systems are built using durable materials and top-of-the-line components to fortify their longevity of use. Every product in our inventory is supported by the industry’s most trusted warranties, ensuring years of reliable performance and user satisfaction.

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Interlink Parts Lookup

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