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Low Flow

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Bohn Standard Model: -
Bohn Config Model: LOG165SE
Voltage: 115/1/60
Motor Type: EC Motor
List Price ($US): 10,727

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Part NumberDescriptionNotesList Price ($US)
Room Thermostats
2891040Room Thermostat  309
28963301Electronic Room Thermostat  502
Defrost Controls
4267WAdjustable Defrost Control / Fan Delay Switch  289
Check Valves
5890C7/8" Suction Line Check Valve  217
Drain Line Heaters
5508Q6 ft. Drain Line Heater (208-230V, 42 Watts)  157
5594P12 ft. Drain Line Heater (208-230V, 84 Watts)  171
5595P18 ft. Drain Line Heater (208-230V, 126 Watts)  203
5596P36 ft. Drain Line Heater (208-230V, 252 Watts)  311
5597P60 ft. Drain Line Heater (208-230V, 420 Watts)  573
Air Filters
89900802Air FiltersUse on Models LO/LOD/LOG 150-225338
Heat Exchangers
24200006Heat Exchanger used on 125 - 165 Electric & Hot Gas Defrost Models1/2" Liquid Connection OD, 7/8" Suction Connecction OD, 11" Length, 2lbs Approx. Ship Wt.303

Expansion Valves (TXV)
When placing order, please specify refrigerant type, saturated suction temperature (SST), liquid temperature, and room temperature.

Part NumberCapacity Range (BTUH)List Price ($US)
TXV02424,000 BTUH and under359
TXV03624,000 BTUH to 36,000 BTUH359

Liquid-line Solenoid Valves (LLSV)

Hot Gas Reverse Cycle Kits (Hot Gas Models Only)
  • Electric pan is standard on all hot gas models. Hot gas loop not available.
  • Kits includes one check valve and piping for liquid bypass around expansion valve and instructions for field installation.

Part NumberList Price ($US)
TXV Bypass Kits