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Large Unit Coolers

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Product Description

The large unit cooler line, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, is ideal for warehouse cooler/freezer applications. These superior quality, heavy duty evaporators are available in a wide range of capacities to support many applications. Opting for EC motors or the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.


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SelectBohn Standard ModelBohn Config ModelBohn intelliGen™ Config ModelBohn intelliGen™ Config. List Price ($US)List Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeFPIAir Throw (ft.) StandardCFMRating Point °F Capacity (BTUH)
-BHE810SABHE810SGA34,19029,097Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor67016,80010°F TD -20°F SST81,000
-BHE950SABHE950SGA36,65831,565Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor67016,80010°F TD -20°F SST95,000
-BHE1020SABHE1020SGA37,78433,672Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor610020,70010°F TD -20°F SST102,000
-BHE1200SABHE1200SGACall Factory38,376Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor610020,70010°F TD -20°F SST120,000
-BHL710SABHL710SGA29,10024,007Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor4.57017,60010°F TD -20°F SST71,000
-BHL840SABHL840SGA36,12731,034Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor4.57017,60010°F TD -20°F SST84,000
-BHL890SABHL890SGA37,43032,337Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor4.510021,60010°F TD -20°F SST89,000
-BHL1050SABHL1050SGA41,65237,656Electric Defrost208-230/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor4.510021,60010°F TD -20°F SST105,000
-BHE810SABHE810SGA34,19029,097Electric Defrost460/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor67016,80010°F TD -20°F SST81,000
-BHE950SABHE950SGA36,65831,565Electric Defrost460/3/60TE-VFD Approved Motor67016,80010°F TD -20°F SST95,000


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