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Product Description

Low Flow unit coolers, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, are ideal for meat storage and preparation rooms, floral coolers, dough retarding and many other applications requiring low air velocities and low sound levels. With low velocity unit coolers, high humidities can be maintained to prevent product drying and weight loss. These units are ideal for any type of workroom where human comfort is important. Opting for EC motors makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.


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SelectBohn Standard ModelBohn Config ModelList Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeCFMRating Point °FCapacity (BTUH)
LO070AELO070SE5,129Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor1,20010°F TD 25°F SST7,000
LO087AELO087SE5,411Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor1,20010°F TD 25°F SST8,700
LO118AELO118SE6,529Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor1,30010°F TD 25°F SST11,800
LO125AELO125SE6,981Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor1,30010°F TD 25°F SST12,500
LO150AELO150SE7,427Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor1,90010°F TD 25°F SST15,000
LO165AELO165SE8,282Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor1,90010°F TD 25°F SST16,500
LO189AELO189SE8,755Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor2,40010°F TD 25°F SST18,900
LO225AELO225SE9,574Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor2,70010°F TD 25°F SST22,500
LO266AELO266SE10,400Air Defrost115/1/60PSC Motor3,20010°F TD 25°F SST26,600
LO070BELO070SE5,321Air Defrost208-230/1/60PSC Motor1,20010°F TD 25°F SST7,000


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