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Product Description

The low profile unit cooler, available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost, is designed for maximum capacity while occupying a minimum amount of space inside a walk-in cooler or freezer. These units are ideal for many applications including restaurants and convenience stores. Opting for EC motors or the Beacon II™ Refrigeration System makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Pricing expired as of 05/31/2021.


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SelectBohn Standard ModelBohn Config ModelBohn intelliGen™ Config ModelBohn intelliGen™ Config. List Price ($US)List Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeFPICFMRating Point °FCapacity (BTUH)
ADT040AEKADT040SKADT040SGK3,8211,767Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor673010°F TD 25°F SST4,000
ADT052AEKADT052SKADT052SGK3,9251,871Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor670010°F TD 25°F SST5,200
ADT065AEKADT065SKADT065SGK4,1802,126Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor665010°F TD 25°F SST6,500
ADT070AEKADT070SKADT070SGK4,7602,706Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor61,46010°F TD 25°F SST7,000
ADT090AEKADT090SKADT090SGK5,1153,061Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor61,40010°F TD 25°F SST9,000
ADT104AEKADT104SKADT104SGK5,2973,243Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor61,40010°F TD 25°F SST10,400
ADT120AEKADT120SKADT120SGK5,4993,445Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor61,30010°F TD 25°F SST12,000
ADT130AEKADT130SKADT130SGK5,7143,660Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor61,30010°F TD 25°F SST13,000
ADT140AEKADT140SKADT140SGK6,3634,309Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor62,10010°F TD 25°F SST14,000
ADT156AEKADT156SKADT156SGK6,7224,668Air Defrost115/1/60EC Motor62,10010°F TD 25°F SST15,600


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