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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Cabinet design features hinged, removable front access panels on each side for easy access to electrical and refrigeration components.
  • All electrical components factory-wired to terminal boardand identified, making it easy to field wire the unit.
  • Hinged, removable drain pan allows for easy and safeaccess.
  • Motors plug into wiring harness for easier servicing.
  • Minimal height of the low profile series makes it ideal for low ceiling coolers.
  • Large diameter drain hole (3/4” ID) is located towards the back of the unit.
  • Molded fan guard and access panels are madeof strong, durable, NSF and UL Sanitation rated lightweight and damage resistant plastic material.
  • Sweat connections to reduce potential for leaks.
  • Internal panels are isolated for quiet operation.
  • Internally enhanced tubing and fin design for higher efficiency.


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SelectClimate Control New ModelList Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeFPICFMRating Point °FCapacity (BTUH)
CEL0045AS6AMAB00002,082Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC658810°F TD 25°F SST4,600
CEL0060AS6AMAB00002,365Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC654910°F TD 25°F SST7,800
CEL0095AS6AMAB00003,405Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC61,17510°F TD 25°F SST10,000
CEL0105AS6AMAB00003,607Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC61,17510°F TD 25°F SST12,500
CEL0155AS6AMAB00005,192Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC61,76210°F TD 25°F SST16,800
CEL0190AS6AMAB00005,811Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC61,64710°F TD 25°F SST21,200
CEL0250AS6AMAB00006,756Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC62,19610°F TD 25°F SST24,600
CEL0295AS6AMAB00008,409Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC62,74510°F TD 25°F SST30,700
CEL0350AS6AMAB00009,681Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC63,29410°F TD 25°F SST36,800
CEL0380AS6AMAB000010,908Air Defrost115/1/602-Speed EC63,29410°F TD 25°F SST44,400


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