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Model KMK is ideal for under-counter reachin refrigerators. The thin line design allows the unit to be mounted behind the mullion with sufficient clearance for tray slides. A down flow fan arrangement is used with air drawn in at the top and discharged at the bottom. This design provides superior air circulation and ensures uniform temperature throughout the cabinet. This versatile design is also adaptable for mounting on the back wall or ends of a cooler. The method of air circulation ensures minimum box temperature rise when the cabinet doors are open. Ideal for bottled goods and beverage coolers.


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SelectClimate Control Standard ModelList Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeCoil OptionCFMRating Point °FCapacity (BTUH)
KMK13AG1,323Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorCoated18010°F TD1,300
KMK17AG1,601Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorCoated17010°F TD1,700
KMK23AG1,915Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorCoated25510°F TD2,300
KMK13BG1,413Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorCoated18010°F TD1,300
KMK17BG1,709Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorCoated17010°F TD1,700
KMK23BG2,048Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorCoated25510°F TD2,300


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