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Model C is ideal for refrigerated reach-ins. It mounts to the top of the refrigerator and discharges cold air against the back wall. With this air flow pattern, the air is not blasted on the product but is diffused along the back wall and then gently drawn across the product as it returns to the unit. Thus, uniform temperatures are maintained throughout the refrigerator. In addition, door sweating and refrigeration loss due to door opening is greatly reduced because the air is not discharged against the doors. Mounting is made easy by means of aluminum hangers that automatically space the unit the correct distance from the back wall. The expansion valve fits inside, out of sight. Opting for EC motors makes this product qualified to be included in the E Solutions™ product portfolio because of increased energy efficiency and cost savings.


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SelectClimate Control Standard ModelList Price ($US)Defrost TypeVoltageMotor TypeCoil OptionCFMRating Point °FCapacity (BTUH)
C13AG921Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard23510°F TD1,300
C17AG973Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard25010°F TD1,700
C23AG1,132Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard26510°F TD2,300
C30AG1,458Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard48010°F TD3,000
C43AG1,823Air Defrost115/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard52010°F TD4,300
C13BG988Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard23510°F TD1,300
C17BG1,044Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard25010°F TD1,700
C23BG1,216Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard26510°F TD2,300
C30BG1,621Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard48010°F TD3,000
C43BG1,953Air Defrost208-230/1/60Shaded Pole MotorStandard52010°F TD4,300


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