Heatcraft Introduces Lead Lag Control System

Stone Mountain, GA, United States – February 17, 2014 – Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration components and systems, has released the Lead Lag Control System, an innovative integrated thermostat and staging control solution to provide improved system control and staging for both foodservice and cold storage applications.

The Lead Lag control system combines the functionality of a room thermostat with a staging controller to reduce staging control complexity. The control system increases overall reliability of the refrigeration system by preventing unnecessary multiple compressor start/stop cycles, providing balanced duty cycles and ensuring the cycles required for proper oil management. The Lead Lag control system is also equipped with redundant sensor and alarm capabilities.

“The Lead Lag control system allows operators to have tighter, more uniform room temperature control,” said Mark Dutton, Product Manager, Cold Storage, for Heatcraft. “Heatcraft continues to build upon a strong tradition of providing innovative controls solutions to our customers, and the Lead Lag control system is no exception. Operators will quickly benefit from increased system reliability, improved product stability and reduced energy consumption with the flexible integration options of the Heatcraft Lead Lag control system.”

The Lead Lag control system models feature simple system integration, are available to control two to four systems, and can control conventional or Mohave Advanced Hot Gas Defrost systems. The system reduces energy consumption by utilizing a predictive control algorithm and staging delay timer to sequence the system’s compressors, matching the conditioned space’s load requirements. In addition, the controller prevents demand surges from multiple compressors starting at the same time.

The Heatcraft Lead Lag control system is an easy-to-use electronic control solution from the commercial refrigeration industry leader, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration. For availability and ordering information, contact your Heatcraft Sales Representative or visit heatcraftrpd.com/LLC.