Heatcraft Introduces Split System Controller

Easy-to-use electronic refrigeration system controller eliminates complexity and enables remote monitoring

Stone Mountain, GA, United States – July 19, 2013 -Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a leading provider of commercial refrigeration components and systems, has released the Split System Controller solution to enhance the refrigeration defrost experience with one central electronic controller replacing three separate mechanical components. In addition, the Split System Controller has integrated Modbus communications that enable remote monitoring when coupled with the Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control (RRC).

The Split System Controller is an evaporator-based electronic system controller, providing a digital display to view room temperature and to change parameters, as well as providing control of the electric defrost process without wiring back to the condensing unit. Users of the Heatcraft Split System Controller can access factory-set system parameters at the evaporator, resulting in quick set-point changes to further optimize Heatcraft refrigeration systems.

“The Split System Controller eliminates complexity by consolidating three mechanical controls into one electronic controller,” said Kevin Miskewicz, Product Manager, Foodservice, for Heatcraft. “Heatcraft continues to build upon a strong tradition of providing innovative controls solutions to our customers, and the Split System Controller is no exception. Whether purchased on new equipment, or retrofitted in the field using our convenient field retrofit kit, users will enjoy the ease-of-use this controller provides.”

Available factory-mounted within the evaporator cabinet, or field-mounted using a field retrofit kit, the Split System Controller controls the electric defrost process without requiring wiring back to the condensing unit. Eliminating the room thermostat, defrost time clock, and defrost termination sensor, the Split System Controller cuts down on complexity of installation and the number of components necessary for consistent defrost performance.

The Split System Controller comes standard with Modbus communication capability, allowing users to pair it with the market-leading Heatcraft Remote Refrigeration Control (RRC). When coupled with the RRC through the addition of a remote monitoring field retrofit kit, users can view their system’s performance and set-points from any web-enabled browser. Pairing the Split System Controller with the RRC will give users the peace of mind that their refrigeration system is performing at an optimal level.

The Split System Controller is an easy-to-use electronic control solution from the commercial refrigeration industry leader, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration. For availability and ordering information, contact your Heatcraft Sales Representative or visit heatcraftrpd.com.